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Welcome to the Holy Trinity of Divine Church! Thank you for your interest in our church and religion. We respect all religions, and no matter your background, you are welcome to join us. Our goal is to help you find peace, happiness and grow your relationship with God. 

Please review the following to learn more about us. We hope you join our church by becoming a member.

God bless!

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The Board of Directors is a diverse and intelligent group of people. With kindness, they volunteer to oversee the business aspect of the church.

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An ordained minister of the Holy Trinity of Divine Church is authorized to perform religious ceremonies. The minister also oversees the spiritual, emotional, and physical wellness of the church. The minister is not gendered specific as we are all God's family.

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The administrative office is where you can find or inquire:

  • The Minister/Pastor

  • Making donations

  • Volunteering information

  • Sacrament Divine

  • Baptisms

  • Home blessings

  • Weddings

  • Funerals

  • Calendar and church news

  • Group services

  • Answers to most questions

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We believe in one God. Artistic, ingenious, incomprehensible, creator of the universe, and all within it. A kind, accepting, and loving God. A thought to consider is the idea that our creator would enjoy a personal relationship with us. God wants to be your friend. The image for God intentionally remains blank. This way, you can create your vision of God since my vision of God will differ from yours. Yours may be a beautiful woman, and it will be how you see God. Someone else may see God as a magnificent tree. The God you see is not how others interpret for you. You are God's grace. 

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Congratulations on your upcoming marriage! The Holy Trinity of Divine Church offers a wedding ceremony. If the church can help with any wedding planning, please call the administrative office.

"Every heart sings a song. Incomplete, until another heart whispers back. Those who wish to sing always find a song," Plato.

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The church is here for you at this transitional time. Please call the administrative office for funeral arrangements, emotional support, or any further help.

Please view Peter Fenwick's video. We hope this will help you understand more. 

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