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Sacrament Divine

Getting Started

Intention: A good intention usually concerns something that is important to you. Figuring out a thought to return to help you find more profound meaning. It is essential to know why you are taking the Sacrament Divine.

Setting: This is the physical environment where you undergo your experience. It can be in your bedroom, at a ceremony, or in nature. The setting also includes music, lights, candles, or anything physically in your space as you embark on your journey.


Set: This is your personality and mental state going into the experience. 

Your personality is the person you are, your worries, wishes, conflicts, guilts, and hidden desires. Your mental state is the attitude you have going into the experience and your intentions for the experience.

Methods: One can choose to eat the Sacrament in its natural state. Or you can choose to eat a confection, take capsules, or brew a tea bag containing the Sacrament. 


Please note that dosage will vary based on body weight and type of Sacrament Divine


Tips For a Better Experience

  • Start with a small dose of around 0.5g to 1.5g. 

  • Listen to music that is relaxing and calm. 

  • Stay hydrated and eat something if you start to feel lightheaded.

  • Ensure the timing is correct and you do not have anything to do for the next 12 hours. By ensuring you do not have work or other responsibilities, you will avoid putting yourself in a stressful position. 

  • Do not drive!

  • Set a positive mindset and make sure you are in a safe environment. For example, at home with someone who will be your guide.

  • Remember to surrender to the Sacrament and do not resist. It is essential to go with the flow.

  • Remember the trip can change and it will end. 

Helpful Videos and Resources

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